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June 9 Clothing brings you an effortless, chic and trendy line of fashion that brings out the style diva in you. Our designs are inspired by the functional and fluid, yet the most modern elements of style to make you look good, every single day. Want a signature dress for that Friday night party to make you look vibrant from everyone around? Or a shirt worth flaunting with a touch of sophistication, yet one that won’t wear you out all day long at work? You’ll find it all here.
Whether you are a power woman building an empire or a shutter-happy Instagram star, June 9 Clothing has a style for you. We believe that self-love can take you places, and the starting point for that is by looking great and feeling confident in your skin. June 9 Clothing works to add a dollop to that confidence.


We live, work, and swear by our quality. We use the best fabrics suitable for our styles, because elegance should be a habit, not an occurrence by chance. After all, the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price fades from memory. That’s Gucci, once again!

We work with ethical manufacturers and suppliers, and believe in paying fair wages to our employees and partners. We follow the SEDEX Code of Ethics throughout our supply chain. We also work with natural, recycled and sustainable fabrics and processes that contribute towards reducing the waste footprint of the otherwise makes its way to landfills more rapidly than mankind has the means to process.


We offer a range of high-quality western wear in the brand name June 9 Clothing with tops, tunics, dresses, maxi dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants.

In Indian ethnic wear, we offer attractive prints and silhouettes under the brand Vyom Tara.



A quintessential people’s person and a sales enthusiast, Niren started his first business when he was 17. Ever since, he has never worn just one hat! A finance and investments professional, he also devotes his time equally at the fashion business. He enjoys his Shark Tank moments angel investing in businesses that give him a kick!


Swati is a designer by choice more than training, and she enjoys exploring fabrics, print media, and themes from her travels the world over to create her collections. She also runs an apparel manufacturing business that caters to celebrity designers and marquee brands both in India and overseas where she has carved out a niche for herself in the apparel industry for her high-quality garments.

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